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4 Reasons to prefer Linux Mint over Windows

Here are the top 4 Reasons, Why you should Prefer Linux Mint over Windows

Most people ask a question that why should they use Linux Mint. Here are the Top 4 Reasons to prefer Linux Mint over Windows. If you are a Linux newbie you may also want to know how much time it takes to Learn Linux.

Linux has been trying to gain a foothold in the desktop market for some time without success. However, that does not mean that it is a bad operating system. Also, knowing that the mass market is rarely meritocratic when it comes to technological advances.

The great differences between Linux and Windows can end up making, depending on the user’s needs, he opts for one operating system or another. That is why in this article we are going to present four reasons to prefer Linux Mint over Windows. Taking into account that the Linux universe is immense and that there are distributions for different skill levels, we will take as a reference one of the most friendly for the common user: Linux Mint.

1. Less maintenance

Linux home users rarely install antivirus. The low presence of malware for this system, together with the use of a common user by default instead of an administrator (as Windows does), make it possible to dispense with software that always occupies resources on the machine.

Another aspect to take into account is the defragmentation of hard drives. It is not recommended to carry out this on SSDs. Very few home Linux users have performed a manual disk defragmentation process. This is because they experience much less of this problem than Windows users. Defragmentation can end up being necessary for Windows to minimize the amount of work on the hard disk itself. In addition, it is a process that is depending on the circumstances. Also, it requires a lot of time to do it, so using Linux means saving a lot of time on this front.

Are you Tired of constant Windows reboots? In Linux updates usually require between 0 and 1 reboots, while the Microsoft system may require two in some circumstances. For example, when an NVIDIA graphics is changed for a newer one, Windows may end up requiring a reboot to finish the installation. But in Linux, the operation is out of the box if the installed driver supports the new GPU. This is the first reasons to prefer Linux Mint over Windows

Seeing the circumstances, the only complex process that remains in the maintenance of Linux Mint are the updates.  By the way, these updates are much better managed by Linux Mint than in Windows.

2. Centralized updates

One of the great virtues of Linux is to manage repositories. It manages applications and operating system components from a single point. But in Windows applications tend to update themselves. This results in many computers being able to be at risk due to the vulnerabilities and security flaws that accumulate.

Linux Mint has a graphical update manager. It is responsible for making all patches and updates reach the user following a single procedure, which is very easy to carry out. Linux Mint is responsible for supplying the latest version of applications such as Firefox. But in other areas such as the graphical interface or multimedia players, it is normal to only receive patches. Also, it receives new maintenance versions, but no new major versions (for that it would be necessary to install additional repositories or turn to Snap or Flatpak).

The update mechanism of Linux Mint (and almost any Linux) is much more forceful than those used by Windows applications when it comes to keeping the user safe. Therefore, this is another reason to prefer Linux Mint over Windows

Linux Mint graphical update manager
Linux Mint graphical update manager

3. Simple process to downgrade to NVIDIA driver

Make a downgrade to a driver can be a process somewhat difficult, even in Windows. What if the latest NVIDIA driver installed is giving problems? In the Microsoft system, you have to download a previous driver. Then you have to uninstall the one that is present, restart, double-click on the installer of the oldest version. Then carry out the installation process and restart again so that everything is in order again.

In Linux Mint this process is much simpler thanks to the driver manager it incorporates. If the latest version of the NVIDIA driver is installed. Then all you have to do is open the corresponding application. Now select a previous driver, apply the changes and restart. It is obvious that the number of steps is much smaller. Also, seeing that Ubuntu is going to improve the support for the graphics of the Santa Clara giant (Linux Mint uses the Ubuntu repositories by default). Where the user finds facilities that do the change of version of the driver much less cumbersome.

Nvidia driver downgrade on Linux Mint
Nvidia driver downgrade on Linux Mint

4. If you don’t like something, you can change it

One of the greatest virtues of Linux is that it allows you to change a large number of components. This means that if there is one component that the user does not like, he has a good chance of changing it for another that he likes.

We will limit ourselves to saying that the component that consumes the most resources in a desktop Linux system is the graphical interface itself. Also, by replacing this component you can end up winning a lot. You may get the possibility of running Linux Mint on a computer on which Windows 7 or 10 gives the feeling of crawling.

Linux Mint offers by default a graphical interface called Cinnamon, which is oriented to recent computers (and not so recent). However, it also offers variants with the MATE and XFCE graphical interfaces, which are considerably lighter than Cinnamon.

You can play your Windows games on Steam

For just over a year, the Steam Play feature has been available in the versions of the Steam client for Linux and Mac, which opens the door to running a large number of Windows games on Linux and Mac.

Although Steam Play is a feature that still has a long way to go to be a real replacement for Windows. But its progression is being constant and its activation only requires a few clicks. Also, without the need to use the dreaded command console.


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