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Are you new to windows or Linux and want to know how much free disk space is required for windows 10? Today, we will see a detailed comparison of free disk space required form both windows 10 and Linux.

how much space is required for windows 10

Microsoft has recently (finally) decided to completely re-write the way it handles the storage of its Windows 10 OS. Prior to this change, Windows 10 utilized Windows 7’s, 8’s and 8.1’s built-in storage subsystem. However, Microsoft has apparently decided to make Windows 10’s storage subsystem more efficient by utilizing an entirely new system. Since my article on how much free disk space is required for windows 10, I thought now would be a good time to provide my take on this new system.

Windows 10 is one of the most asked questions in the Windows 10 forums. It comes with the option to store the user data on the cloud, but how much space is required for that?

Windows 10 space required

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows that comes preinstalled with all modern Windows 10 devices. It has 5 GB of disk space requirement. To install Windows 10 on your computer, you must have at least 5 GB of free disk space.

A person can easily install windows 10 if have the following:

RAM: At least 4gb ram is required for the installation for uninterrupted running of windows

Hard disk space: One should have minimum of 5gb free disk space to install.

Processor: Minimum processor requirement is Intel Dual Core or higher processor will give you better experience.

Everyone uses their computer for different things, and some want to use their computer for work, while others only want to use their computer for games. If you have a smaller hard disk, you might have to upgrade your computer before you can use it for the things you want to do on a computer. But you need to know how much space a new hard disk will need. If you don’t, then you might end up buying a drive that’s too big for your new computer. That would be a waste of money.

Let’s have a look on the different versions of windows that required different hard disk space.

Windows 10 Home Version

Windows 10 Home Version is a version of Windows 10 developed by Microsoft. It is available to customers of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise products and is currently the only version of Windows 10 available to home users.

The latest version of Windows 10 appears to be the best version so far.

Features includes:

  • Improved multitasking
  • Start screen performance Improved
  • Improved Cortana
  • Security Enhanced
  • Improved Windows Store
  • Improved Windows Update
  • Windows Defender Updated
  • Improved Internet Explorer
  • Accessibility Enhanced
  • Improved 3D printing
  • Improved Xbox app
  • Xbox Music app upgrade
  • Xbox Video app
  • Live Tiles
  • HoloLens
  • Updated Microsoft Edge browser
  • Improved Microsoft Office apps
  • Improved Microsoft Wallet

Minimum storage space required for Windows 10 Home Version

According to Microsoft, a single Windows 10 Home version will take about the same amount of storage space as a single Windows 7 Home version. What that means is that you can have a Windows 10 Home version installed on your computer, and have the same amount of available hard drive space as a Windows 7 Home edition.

Windows 10 Home is only available for PCs with 64-bit processors, so you won’t be able to run Home on your 32-bit model, but the 32-bit version is still pretty useful. If you have a 16GB or larger RAM-based computer, you’ll have almost all of your Windows 10 Home capabilities and more.

You’ve probably heard it before: Windows 10 is your operating system even if you don’t own a computer made by Microsoft.

The new operating system requires a minimum of 20GB of hard drive space to install, but Microsoft says that the installation process is designed to minimize the amount of space consumed during the installation.

Windows 10 Home is a free upgrade for PC users. However, if you want to customize your PC, install any non-Microsoft applications, or have a lot of local storage, you may need to purchase a version of Windows 10 Pro for a certain amount of storage. When Windows 10 Home is fully installed, the required space varies depending on whether or not the user installs a version of Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Pro version

Windows 10 Pro is the full version of Windows 10 which is the latest version of the Windows operating system that Microsoft has released to their products. It was released in 2015. Windows 10 Pro is the only version of Windows 10 that will run on devices that have less power in them in comparison to their standard counterparts in terms of processor, RAM, storage, etc.

How much free disk space is required for windows 10 pro

To install Windows 10 Pro, you need at least 8 Gb disk space. To make the installation process as smooth as possible, we recommend to have at least 20 Gb disk space.

Windows 10 Enterprise version

Windows 10 Enterprise is one of Windows 10’s big plans for 2019, bringing together security with productivity the way only Windows 10 can. Aside from being available for business users with Windows 10 Enterprise, Enterprise users will have lots of new features coming in the next few months.

Minimum storage space required for Windows 10 Enterprise version

You need more storage space for enterprise version of window 10. Because it is full of exciting features and advance programs.

Minimum space required : 40gb for smooth usage

Ram required: 8gb for smooth performance


In summary, Windows 10 requires over 16GB of hard disk space. Users who install the OS on a computer with a small hard disk (less than 16GB) should make sure they have additional storage available to avoid running out of space. This is the end of the text I wrote for this exercise. I hope you enjoyed this exercise. Sorry for it being so long, but I wanted to cover my thought process for this one. I advise you to not look at the answers until you


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