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How to factory Reset Ubuntu and Linux Mint without losing any information

Factory Reset Ubuntu and Linux Mint without losing any information

Many people face the problem and they don’t know how to factory Reset Ubuntu and Linux Mint without losing any information.

It is very likely that when using electronic equipment such as computers or mobile devices they may present failures that we do not know how to repair. Some of them may be due to virus infection, poor performance, applications or programs that do not run as they should.

If you present some of these failures on your computer then no need to worry. We are going to show you a solution that will help you to factory reset Ubuntu and Linux Mint. All this process will be done without losing any information.

Why you should avail the Factory reset option?

Factory reset without losing information is a great option, since we are always careful to use these extreme measures, for fear of losing our files of videos, photos and documents. And you must be wondering, but how is this possible? This procedure is possible through an application called Resetter.

And as you hear it, it is an application that will allow you to reset the entire operating system of your computer as if it were from the factory. And this without the use of a CD, DVD, USB, when you apply it to your computer. Now it will eliminate users that are not active. It will remove those applications that are not default and remove old packages.

How to factory reset Ubuntu and Linux Mint without losing any information

In Linux Mint devices that can be applied to factory reset without losing information are Linux Mint 18, Linux Mint 18.1 and Linux Mint 17.3. For Ubuntu teams, there is Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 16.10 and Ubuntu 17.04 upcoming Ubuntu distro.

To begin you must go to the following link that we offer here so that you can download the Resetter application. From this page, it is explained how you can download and install the application without any problem. But we must enter the administrator password, once this is done, we are going to run the program.

Now we are going to search for the computer where it is installed. To do this, we go to the Search tab on the computer and write the name of the resetter programs. By doing this, it will ask us again to enter the password and then click on Authenticate. After doing this the program will appear on the screen.

How to use the program to reset your computer without losing information

There we can see that it has detected all the information regarding our equipment, such as operating system, version, and the encoded name. We can also see the two options that it offers us to perform the reset. But we are going to choose the Custom-Repair option. In this way, we can see how the application works on our computer.

To give you an idea of ​​what operation is carried out when the first option that shows us what it is, Automatic Repair is chosen. If you choose this option, the program will perform the reset automatically, without it asking you to suggest options. By selecting the second Custom Reset option, the application will allow you to choose which packages and accounts should be removed.

When making the choice of option number two, a window will appear immediately for you to choose those packages that must be deleted. If you want to delete them all, you can select the Remove old kernels box. Once you have made the selection, you must go to the bottom and make a clip on the Next option.

By performing this step we will have finished with the configuration for the elimination of old files. Also for the applications that are not by default on the computer. Now we go to the last step, which will be to make a clip in the Finish option. In this way, the changes that we have made will be applied and the resetting of our equipment will begin.

System Restoration

The program will start to work and you will see the progress of the system restoration. Once it is finished and if we have chosen to delete the user, a window will appear. In it, we are going to make a click on Ok. After that a message will appear with the following message Reboot now. And we will select the Yes option, this will make the computer restart.

When restarting you will verify that the equipment is newly installed and if the loss of your information. And as you can see, you were able to use a tool that allowed you to factory reset Ubuntu and Linux Mint without losing any information.


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