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Difference between Linux and Windows web hosting

Many people get confused while choosing between Linux and Windows web hosting. Here is the detailed Difference between Linux and Windows web hosting.

Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting service have a major difference. The Linux is a Unix-like operating system, whereas Windows is Microsoft’s web hosting platform.

Linux is the most widely used web hosting service in the world. On the other hand, Windows web hosting service is a Microsoft-based software program. This is available to Microsoft Office users only. Therefore, if you are an MS Windows user, you would not be able to use Linux web hosting service.

Now let us dig deep into the difference between Linux and Windows web hosting services. Windows web hosting service uses the Windows server as a web hosting service. On the other hand Linux, web hosting service uses the Linux operating system as a web hosting service.

Both these web hosting services provide their clients with a number of pre-configured web servers. These servers are connected to one another through a network or the internet. Clients can then select from these web servers to get access to the internet.

Which Hosting is Better for You: Linux Web Hosting or Windows Web Hosting

Another difference between the two is that Linux is much better for individuals. Who don’t have too much technical knowledge and are willing to take chances.

The most basic commands to use Linux are “cd” and “mount”. On windows web hosting, you will have to use a web browser in order to access your website.

Many times web hosting companies will give you an option of either using the command line or terminal. Some web hosting companies provide a graphical user interface. Which enables you to access your website by typing in a shell prompt.

In this way, you won’t need to use a web browser at all and can focus more time on your website development rather than learning how to use the control panel.

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Difference between Linux and Windows web hosting

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Do you really need a Hosting?

If you are running a small scale business, then you do not really need a web hosting service. Even if you want to get a web hosting service, then you can use a free web hosting service that you get from a number of websites, e.g., blogging websites, forums, etc. or you can also use your own domain name and website.

It all depends on you and your business what you want to do. There is a lot more to web hosting than just providing you with an avenue to have a website on the World Wide Web.

Possibilities with Linux Web Hosting

A Linux web hosting service allows you to install several software applications. This is why it is popular with web developers and other individuals who create interactive websites.

Although Linux is considered free software, the cost of setting up Windows web hosting is much higher. Therefore, if you are just starting to make use of the internet, Windows web hosting service is the best option for you to get a reliable and affordable web hosting solution.

Main Reason for Website Crash

You might find that your website crashes more frequently than it did before because it has too many scripts and other items on it. This is actually a common issue that affects some windows web hosting service users. You can get around this problem by adding more disk space to your website.

But, you need to remember that if you already have a large website that takes up large disk space, then you might have to consider other solutions such as hiring a web hosting company that offers bigger disk space for your website.

Some people naturally assume that since their PC runs Windows they automatically have to purchase a Windows web hosting package. This is not always the case. It doesn’t really matter whether your computer runs only on Windows since most computers can communicate with Linux or Windows web servers.

The Truth About Linux Vs Windows Hosting Plans

Typically, Linux and Windows web hosting clients can be plugged into the same control panel. Certain programs such as cPanel are designed to interface smoothly with Windows servers.

The most popular and widely used control panel are Cpanel, which is a free software program. There are also Windows versions of many popular software applications such as FileZilla, ZenCart, WordPress, My SQL server, PHP, and more.


Many people assume that since Linux and Windows hosting servers are so similar, Linux systems are “unlimited” in terms of the number of servers they can use at the same time. In fact, only a single physical server is required for either system to function. By definition, an “unlimited” OS cannot serve more than one customer at a time.

Windows web hosting servers are not an unlimited resource, because you can only have one active at a time. However, the maximum traffic allowed to come into your website will be much higher when running Windows as opposed to Linux.

Another assumption that is often made is that Linux is “open” in comparison with Windows. This is simply not true. As stated before, Linux has its own package manager, while Windows only allows Microsoft to preload its operating system.

Windows operating systems also require installation of Microsoft licensing software upon purchase, while Linux does not.

Misconception about Linux web Hosting

Another common misconception is that Linux web hosting servers are cheaper than their Windows counterparts. While it may seem that Linux is more costly, in most cases the price of Microsoft licenses is more than offset by the lower cost of purchasing the operating system and all the various software licenses that go along with it.

On the other hand, Linux is relatively inexpensive to purchase, easy to obtain and allows the customer to customize it to his or her exact specifications, providing increased value and cost savings over time.

Major Differences between Linux and Windows Reseller hosting

Which is Better: Windows Reseller Hosting or Linux Reseller Hosting? Web hosting nowadays has revolutionized and modified the very complex working dynamics of cyberspace.

There are many factors associated with a web hosting service and each one has its own particular functions. While choosing a web hosting service, it is always better to opt for one that is more compatible with your system.

Windows hosting accounts come with a Microsoft Windows control panel. The windows control panel comes along with all the Microsoft windows reseller hosting plans. So, the very first thing that you need to install on your server is the Microsoft Windows control panel.

In case, you are using any other control panel such as Linux or Mac OS, you can easily switch to other control panels in the future.

Big Difference between Windows Hosting accounts and Linux

If you are not yet having Microsoft windows reseller web hosting accounts, don’t get one. There is a big difference between Windows hosting accounts and Linux or Mac hosting accounts.

You will have a lot of time waiting and regretting your decision later. For those who are aware of windows reseller hosting, installing windows server is a little bit complex process and requires additional attention.

However, once you are through with installing windows server, you can enjoy the benefits of using windows and will not face any problem using your windows reseller web hosting accounts.

Disk Space Requirements

When you are signing up for windows reseller web hosting, always keep in mind the exact amount of disk space required by you. If you have a huge website that attracts lots of visitors regularly, you need to allocate huge disk space.

Windows hosting accounts come with unlimited disk space provided by Microsoft. However, you can use the disk space provided by your service provider according to your requirement, but there is no guarantee that you will get more disk space from them.

In addition, when you are paying a high price for these services, it is important to avail extra services like customer support, bandwidth monitoring, security monitoring, custom software support and so on. Other added services offered by Microsoft web hosting are installation of Microsoft windows server, MS SQL, processing of Microsoft Visual Basic, processing of PHP and Cold Fusion.

However, you must keep all these services under the control panel of your web hosting company. In case, if these features are not offered by your web host provider, you can opt for other Microsoft web hosting reseller web hosting accounts.

Another most important factor that you must consider while selecting windows reseller web hosting service is the control panel of the website. It is mandatory to select the control panel which is according to your requirements and expertise.

There are different types of control panels available for hosting services such as; cPanel, Direct admin, H-sphere, My SQL and so on. You can choose any of them according to your requirements and expertise. One more advantage of using any of these control panels is that they provide a backup of all your data. This means you do not need to backup your data manually.

What Linux Web Hosting Servers offer

With Linux web hosting servers, you can choose to use either the open-source or the standardized Linux operating system. This is important because the standardization across all companies is done to maintain consistency among servers.

The benefit of using the Linux standard is that the software is free to download and install. If you are interested in saving money on the cost of operating your servers, standardization across all companies will help you save money.

When you select a Linux hosting plan, make sure to take advantage of all the features that Linux provides. These include an admin panel for managing the server including the ability to change certain settings and configurations, control panels for website management including Fantastico, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHPBB and others, a powerful package of scripts for creating websites, a fast web page loading speed, MySQL database administration and unlimited bandwidth.

Another great feature of Linux operating systems is that the operating system includes thousands of free software programs that you can download for free. You can find free programs that will help you run your website efficiently including MySQL and PHP templates, Perl, PHP, Apache, DLL files, globes, and more.

You can find numerous Linux hosting providers that offer a variety of plans for smaller businesses and individuals. The cost of operating the servers varies depending on the features that you choose from the many providers that offer Linux web servers.

The amount of disk space offered is another deciding factor. The number of domain names allowed is yet another determining factor in determining the cost of hosting services.


As you can see, both Windows and Linux web hosting plans provide viable options for businesses. Which one will work best for your site depends on what you need it for. Of course, you should always look around and compare the prices and reliability of different systems before making a final decision.

The important thing is to find a plan that will provide you with the most value for your money. Fortunately, there are many excellent windows web hosting plans to choose from today. Also don’t forget to subscribe our mailing list of LinuxStudio

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