21 coolest things you can do on Linux but not on windows and mac

This is a question I was asked recently that what are the coolest things you can do on Linux but…

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The best Linux distributions for every computer

With Linux kernel, there are approximately 1000 different distributions. But What are the simplest Linux distributions for each computer? There is a huge ecosystem on which…

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How to enable and configure a remote desktop with Linux Ubuntu

The coronavirus crisis is forcing all of us to stay home and many people to have to telecommute . This is why you should know how to enable and configure…

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How Linux mint is more lightweight than ubuntu?

While choosing between Linux Mint and Ubuntu, you might wonder why Linux Mint is more lightweight than Ubuntu? Linux Mint…

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4 Reasons to prefer Linux Mint over Windows

Most people ask a question that why should they use Linux Mint. Here are the Top 4 Reasons to prefer…

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