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Best Linux distro for games

If you want to know the best Linux distro for games, then you’re lucky this is the “Revolution”. I’m a long time Linux user and I’ve used a lot of the leading distributions out there.

I don’t use most of them, but I will always use Fedora. (This is open-source distribution). Also, I use Ubuntu (the most popular Linux distros out there). The reason why I love these two operating systems so much is because they are very reliable and stable.

When it comes to games, many people prefer to go with one of the top three(Forklift, DEX AUDIO and Unity Gamesaver) on the market. But, the best way to find out which distribution best suits your needs is by using a gaming site like PlayOnLinux.

They’ve actually compiled a list of the best distros for gamers. So, if you want to get the best experience from playing video games on the Internet, then I highly recommend going with the Linux equivalent of those 3 distributions.

However, if you’re not a Linux fanatic, then you probably don’t care too much about gaming. That’s fine, as there are other decent options out there. But, if you’re into the Linux community, you’ll know that many people want to use a Linux distro that supports gaming very well.

And luckily enough, there’s a very good solution to this problem: Slackware. Slackware is an advanced Linux distribution that integrates quite well with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and website design platforms (Drupal, PHP, etc.).

One of its biggest advantages over other popular distributions is that it supports video and audio and has an amazing user community. Because of this, it attracts many hackers who like to develop video games, script games and anything else related to software development.

As a final outcome, there are now actually quite a few different varieties of Slackware based distros out there, such as:
  • Red Hat
  • Ubuntu
  • Mandriva
  • Fedora
  • OpenSUSE
  • Gentoo

Now we could take a look at each of them.

Red Hat is probably the most favorite of the bunch. It’s powerful, fast, and includes everything that Linux enthusiasts want in a good distro.

Red Hat is probably the best overall distro for anyone looking for an excellent SteamOS solution, but it’s definitely not the best for games.

There just aren’t that many games available yet for Red Hat, and its big brother Fedora lags behind in the desktop video card space. On the other hand, the closest Linux distribution to being as powerful and efficient as Red Hat is Ubuntu.

Ubuntu also uses an extremely powerful Linux shell, but unlike Red Hat, it supports only the standard X Window environment.

The best Linux distro for games is Ubuntu, but if you need a robust gaming operating system, then Synology could probably be a better fit.

Synology is more affordable, and it provides an excellent solution for your gaming needs.

Which Linux distro has the best support for games

So you’re one of those people who are thinking about buying a new computer or notebook and want to know which Linux distro has the best support for games.

You want to make sure that when you buy games on the Internet you are getting the best possible performance from your computer. You do not want to go out and buy the cheapest game you can find but end up disappointed because it does not work with your Linux distro of choice.

No hardware failure should be an excuse not to be happy with your purchase, especially if it was your very own fault.

Linux is very popular and is used all over the world. If you really want to have some fun with your family or friends, gaming is probably the best way to do it.

There are many different distributions that come with different levels of support for games. Some distros like Ubuntu will ship with many of the necessary programs you need to play games. However, others like Fedora and Opensuse do not.

Ubuntu is probably the most popular distro for computers and netbooks. It is free, open-source software and has the best support for games out there.

This distro will most likely come preinstalled with game-ready DVD’s that have the latest drivers for games. These DVD’s will also have media comes pre-installed, which means you will be able to stream media from your computer right onto your TV. This feature is also only available on Ubuntu.


Fedora on the other hand is more commercial in nature. It is based on Debian, which is also free and open source. It offers excellent support for games and multimedia. For the most part, if you do run into any problems you can usually contact the developers via their forums.


Opensuse is another great choice. It is very similar to Ubuntu and as such has a very large community of Linux users that are willing to help each other.

It also has a lot of software preinstalled and will typically allow you to install most anything that you may be looking for. You should however keep in mind that this distro does not have nearly the same support as some of the other distros out there.

Linux Distro that provides the best support for games

The best support that you can find for any of these Linux games will come from the PCLinuxOS. This Linux distro is extremely user friendly and is a perfect partner for those who like to customize their computing experience. With it, you can install a variety of software and even tweak certain components.

It has powerful security features as well, which can keep your PC from being hacked. If you enjoy playing games, then this is the perfect distro for you


In my opinion, it is better to go for ubuntu, the type of support it offers and its large community will help you, if you got stuck in any problem. But if you need better support for games and overall games reliability then there is no better option than PCLinuxOS.

you can also read the last article in which I have suggested the best Linux distro for Programming.

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